100 Flowers by O-shi Yang


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240 pages, Chinese/English

Study accomplished flower and bird artist Yang O-shi's cheerful, dynamic spontaneous style paintings of 100 Flowers. Yang provides anatomical diagrams, foundation drawings and detailed sequential/step-by-step instructions, as well as a multitude of completed compositions for the growing artist to emulate. Some of the subjects include peony, forsythia, dedrobium. begonia, pine, poppy, sweet basil, cattleya, sage, hyacinth, taiwan cherry, snap dragon, coral tree, pear, chinese pink, lily, carnation, baby's breath, magnolia, lotus, rose, rose of China, water lily, morning glory, paper flower, iris, japanese lantern, fuchsia, pansy, pomegranate, canna, bird of paradise, seet pea, cockscomb, princess feather, chrysanthemum, sunflower, myrtle, grass orchid, camellia, dahlia, cyclamen, tulip, plum, narcissus, and more.

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