Thank you for purchasing one of our new Summer 2020 semi-sized papers. Whether you purchased the tea colored mulberry paper or the semi-sized shuen paper, we are dedicated to provide you with inspiration and ideas for how to use these papers in a satisfying way.

Please find below an inspiration gallery with simple paintings on each paper showing some ideas for how they can be used.

Tea Colored Mulberry Paper

This simple landscape painting shows the strength of the tea colored mulberry when it comes to landscape. It is versatile with the ability to show textures as well as smooth strokes, has good color display and allows the the fading of strokes that is critical with landscape painting.

This simple gourd painting shows off the color display of the paper. Colors are vibrant and you can also see the paper's performance with various types of strokes. Both rounder shape strokes and finer line strokes are showcased here.

Lotus paintings shows the versatility of the tea color mulberry paper. This subject in this style, is often done on raw paper. We offer this to show how classic subject can be given a twist on different paper.

Yet another subject most often done on raw paper. We see the versatility of the tea colored mulberry paper when paired with a classic animal subject like horse.

Gives calligraphy pieces or any painting a wonderful feel of antiquity. Also the paper paints smoothly enough to make it a good choice for calligraphy.

Semi-sized Shuen Paper

Simple landscape painting showcasing the krinkled paper technique for painting rock textures. We have a video lesson on this technique at the bottom of the page.

Simple persimmon painting showcasing the color display and moisture control on the semi-sized shuen paper.

Classic bamboo painting showcasing semi-sized shuen's smooth textures with moisture control.

Peony painting showcasing color display and versatility of semi-sized shuen paper

Krinkle Technique Video