Family sticks together through thick and thin. Family sees the good as well as the bad. Family is always there for you.

Welcome to the Family

We started off as the Yeh family(Ning, Ling Chi, Evan and Jashin) with a 500 year heritage of Brush Painting. Over the years, we've grown into an extended family with thousands and thousands of members. We have been able to share the joy of Brush Painting with people all across the world and we've watched them enrich their lives with this Asian art form.

Our goal at Oriental Art Supply is to enable others to experience the joy of brush painting and lead a more fulfilling life. We want to provide support and encouragement to those who are struggling. When you stumble, we will take your hand and pick you up. We are family. ♡ 

Stay Connected

There are many ways to stay connected with the OAS Family, each outlet offers different kinds of support and encouragement!

✉️ Email List

Looking for philosophical and practical brain teasers? Video book reviews? Exclusive offers? Then this email list is something you won't want to miss out on!

▶️ YouTube

Every week we post a new video, whether it be a painting tutorial or a book review (sometimes both!). This is a wonderful outlet for those who want to paint along with a brush painting master or if you just need some weekly inspiration!

👍 OASLife Facebook Group

Our Facebook group is a wonderful way to receive feedback on your paintings! Like-minded artists will encourage and push you to your full potential. With over a thousand members, it contains master brush painters as well as those who have just started out on this journey.

📸 Instagram

If you are just looking for a daily dose of inspiring art, our Instagram page is full of inspirational artwork! We feature Ning Yeh, Chao Shao-an, Su-sing Chow, and many other artists on our Instagram page!