Intro Calligraphy Set

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Note: We have updated the Calligraphy Grid Paper from previously using the 24 Squares(P03C) to now using the 15 Squares(P03C-15).

Intro Calligraphy Set Includes:

  • A quality brush: Pre Series Flow (C2PRC)
  • A bottle of ink: Wu Chu 30 cc (I19A)
  • Instructional Booklet: Calligraphy Lesson by the OAS Staff (BKC01)
  • Packet of Calligraphy Practice Grid Paper 15 Squares ( P03C-15)
  • A mini pie dish (CW80).
    The mini pie dish has been discontinued. Presently we are using PP-YY Mini Plastic "Ying Yang" Palette instead.

An excellent gift for someone interest in Asian culture, martial arts, meditation, Buddhism or even Western Calligraphy

An excellent value! Cannot find a more effective combination of instruction and materials at this price price.

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