Mayee Futterman's Traditional Color Set

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There are three different art material sets that have been configured by Mayee Futterman for her Chinese Brush Painting workshops. We are pleased to offer a student discount for the sets. SELECT ONLY ONE.

If you do not wish to purchase an entire set and prefer to buy them individually, please click on the item and add it to your cart.

This set is for students who want to enjoy the traditional Chinese mineral and vegetable colors. While colors are not as rich and dimensional as those in Set A, they are long-lasting and do not bleed when wet mounted. It does take a bit more time to prepare/mix the colors than squeezing from a tube. The colors are stored in stackable dishes and can be reused just by rewetting. Because they are made from natural materials, they can get moldy or stinky if not used or stored properly.

Set B Includes:

You may upgrade the PreSeries Brushes in this set to the Premium Artist Brush Set. Please contact OAS to make the upgrade.

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