Ink Sets for Mayee Futterman's 'Chinese Brush Painting: All You Need Is Ink' Class



We are pleased to offer TWO OPTIONS for Brush & Ink Sets for Mayee Futterman’s classes. Select ONLY ONE SET. You may ADD-ON the “Premium Brush Upgrade” to substitute the OAS Pre-Series brushes for our finest Premium Artist Bush set.

Best Bottle Ink & Brush Set:

This set offers the most essential tools for Chinese ink painting. It includes the finest OAS Best Bottle Ink—surpassing all other inks in richness, transparency and smoothness. When used and mounted properly, this ink will not tend to bleed. Once dried, this ink cannot be rewetted and reused. In addition to the OAS Pre-Series brushes, this set also comes with a 3” wash brush and two Porcelain Ink Dishes.

Basic Ink & Brush Set:

An affordable entry level option, the set includes our small bottle Student Ink and the OAS Pre-Series brushes. While this ink lacks the overall superior quality of the OAS Best Bottle Ink, and will not achieve the same level of results, it offers an interim step for first timers who want to give brush painting a try before investing in higher quality materials. This ink can be rewetted and reused.

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