PRE Series Brush Set

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PRE Series Brush Set includes:

  • H1PR PRE-Happy Dot
  • H2PR PRE-Orchid Bamboo
  • C2PRC PRE-Flow
  • C2PRD PRE-Large Flow

OAS chose these four brushes as a budget friendly alternative to our Artist quality Happy Dot, OAS Flow, Orchid Bamboo Large and OAS Large Flow. They're intended to delivery high performance for a value price. 

New to Chinese brush painting and Japanese Sumi-e? Fallen in love with its beauty and simplicity? Always wanted to get started, but were intimidated with starting a whole new medium requiring a whole different set of equipment? After an extensive search, testing and finding the right supplier to ensure quality and consistency to meet OAS’s demands ... we’ve found your answer!! This introductory brush set includes four brushes that will arm you with the ability to jump into many forms of Chinese brush painting and Sumi-e. Do flowers, birds, animals and some low moisture landscapes with this basic introductory set. 

No more excuses! Get started now!

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