Chinese 30 mL Mineral Paint

SKU: CS09-609


30 mL liquid in a jar

Wonderful mineral colors of Stone Blue and Stone Green currently available at Oriental Art Supply in ready to use jar.

They are opaque but fade easily with a slightly moistened brush.

These colors are known to be applied onto ink area (when dried) to add radiance, interest, and depth in landscape paintings and fine-line flowers.

Traditionally, these colors were in powder form and needed to be mixed and ground with glue. Now they are incredibly easy to put to use from a jar right away.

They are indeed added weapons and great treasures for the joy of brush painting.

Comparable to Maries Green Label 3 #593 石绿, Maries Blue Label 3 石青 #493 and Yasutomo's Chinese Watercolors #56 Light Green and #56 Light Blue.

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