Two Tutorials Perfect for Mother's Day

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Happy Mother's Day!

We have a couple videos that are excellent for Mother's Day sentiments. One is a calligraphy video focusing on the phrase "Happy Mother's Day" in both English and Chinese Calligraphy.

The second video is a simple Rose video that originally was done for Valentine's day but the subject is also an excellent choice for Mother's Day.

In combination these two lessons would make a wonderful hand painted card or wonderful small painting for all the special mothers in your life. Shy about doing hand painted cards for other people? Why not just do one for yourself. This can be such a powerful gesture of self-appreciation and can help build your confidence up to a point where you would be willing to do something special for someone else.

Featured Materials:



Eddie and Lizzie demonstrate "Happy Mother's Day" in Brush Style Calligraphy in both Chinese and English, respectively.

Rose Lesson with Ling Chi Yeh. This video was originally posted for Valentine's Day but also makes a perfect subject for a Mother's Day card!

SET02B: Intro Calligraphy Set - View

PN01: Red Banner Paper - View

The Rose - View

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