The Sign Post Back To Yourself

Twittering in Early Autumn. Painting by Lu Si-chiong in his book Drawing (Painting) Trees.

Sign Post Back to Yourself

In many ways life can be seen as a constant journey of separation and reunification between yourself and what I like to call the larger part of you.

There is a part of you that is not only far exceeding the largest best version of yourself that you could imagine but it also is literally embodying every single desire that you have ever had. In this way, this version of yourself is constantly expanding and changing. With each new desire, this larger version of yourself expands, literally becoming that which you desire.

Now there are many entities that profit from convincing you that you are something smaller than this larger version of yourself. When you believe them, you get separated from yourself and you can feel that separation. It is a yearning or an aching for something that nothing else can really satisfy. The only thing that fits in that hole is you making the journey back to yourself. The only thing that fulfills is to reunify with this larger version of you.

The Journey

This journey is an incremental, emotional journey. You find things to focus on that make you feel better. The better you feel, the closer you get to the larger part of you.

Once you are close enough to connect to this larger part of yourself, you will experience inspiration, contentment, joy, and a source of power and abundance that is inexhaustible.

We here at OAS want to be sign post that points you back to yourself. This is the reason why we advocate a lifestyle enriched through the joy of Chinese Brush Painting and Calligraphy. We have found these activities to be very useful in facilitating this emotional journey back to oneself and we present them in this context.

Remember the Most Important Truths

Life can be much easier if we take the time to make note and remember important lessons, truth, and life wisdom. Life is such a good teacher when you are not shielded from the consequences of your choices.

Many trials and trauma are experienced because they becomes the quickest way to create a lasting memory of an important detail. If the flame did not cause pain and burn your skin, then would you remember to avoid it?

We encourage you to constantly connect to the things that uplift you and remind you of who you are and what you are capable of. If Chinese Painting and Calligraphy are activities that serve you in this regard, then we would like to assist you in your pursuit of them.

Do not hesitate to call on us!

Video book review of Drawing (Painting) Trees by Lu Si-chiong:


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