Swinging (Grass Orchid) by Ning Yeh

This painting is featured in Ning Yeh's Book An Album of Chinese Brush Painting: 80 Paintings and Ideas.

Excerpted from the book:

"The grass orchid is a happy spirit; its petals and leaves are ecstatic with joy. The artist should be in the happiest state of mind when painting the grass orchid. It has the simplest of form, blessed with ample possibilities for capturing spontaneity of movement. Yet perhaps because of its simplicity, it is one of the most difficult subject to paint. I like to begin my first class by asking the aspiring 'baby' brush painters to paint the orchid. They usually do a good job, because they know nothing and therefore are the happiest painters."

We recently located some additional copies of this treasured book. Originally we had through there were only a handful of new copies left so the books were being sold at auction prices. We've lowering the price to enable collectors and enthusiasts to be able to own a copy of 'out of print' treasure.

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