"Self Contentment" Painting by Chao Shao-an and "Standing by the Pond" by Hwa San-chiuen

This lovely black goldfish painting is entitled "Self Contentment" and is featured in Chao Shao-an book, Album Paintings by Chao Shao-an. This beautiful hardcover, coffee table style book focuses on Master Chao Shao-an smaller paintings which are all in what most people consider to be his most influential and iconic style. Check out our video book review to see the rest of the book.

This next painting "Standing by the Pond" is by artist Hwa San-chiuen and featured in his influential book Richly Adorned and Quietly Dressed. This beautiful hard cover book features a large collection of paintings in the fineline or gong-bi style that focus on paintings historically significant or mythical female characters. Each painting is accompanied with thoughtful and poetic descriptions that give insight into the context of each depicted character. See a video book review of this book.

In the garden, in early summer, the dragonflies are flying merrily. Drowsed after reading in the hot summer day, the lady is standing by the pond for a moment of relaxation.

- excerpted from Richly Adorned & Quietly Dressed.


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