Primrose on Colored Shuen Paper and Exclusive Lesson!

Free Video: Ling Chi demonstrates Primrose Flowers on Colored Shuen (Xuan) Paper

Primrose Tutorial with Moisture Control Tips

Ling Chi offers this beautiful composition of Primrose and includes some special tips. 

In case you've missed it, Ling Chi covers how to paint your strokes without excessive bleeding. Like the last few videos, she makes a glue water solution by taking a drop water soluble glue like Liberty Glue and adding it to a bit of water to make a glue water. The glue water will make the strokes much less likely to bleed. One of the best tricks for beginners who struggle with painting confidently on thinner papers!

Follow along with Ling Chi as she shows you how paint confidently on colored single shuen (xuan) papers like our Spring Colored Shuen Variety Pack.

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Free Gift with Purchase: UNPUBLISHED Rose Lesson by Ning Yeh

This lesson has never before been released to the public and is a mashup of Ning Yeh's 108 Flowers books with his video series.

We were originally going to publish Ning Yeh's 108 Flowers subjects as lesson booklets before deciding to turn them into books. This lesson was born out of those first lessons and includes step-by-step instructions that give stroke order and placement. Perfect for newer painters that want very specific and clear directions!

We are offering this (regularly $9.95) lesson for free with orders over $50 for a limited time!

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