New Video: Move Your Body to Move Your Brush

Moving Your Body to Move Your Brush

This video is a follow up our previous email on the benefits of a Still Mind and a Body in Motion. Thank you to all of you that replied to the last email telling us how much you appreciated it! We send these messages from our heart to yours and it encourages us greatly to hear that the messages are received so warmly.

We made a short video showing how you can move your body to move your brush. This type of brush "dancing" has many potential benefits. Among them:

  • Takes the pressure off of painting practice by reframing your practicing as just a way to experience the benefits of movement
  • Encourages energy, control, and confidence in your strokes
  • Giving your painting more of a performance art feel and increasing the impact of your painting when demonstrating live

We hope you enjoy the video and use it as an inspiration to Move Your Body to Move Your Brush!

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