New Video Book Review 108 Flowers & Chinese Flower Painting Essentials

108 Flowers Book 1 by Ning Yeh

Over his years of teaching his students Ning developed a list of flowers that he wanted to paint and develop lessons for but because of their relative obscurity were not included in his teaching thus far.

The results was for four book series 108 Flowers which open up the incredible world Chinese Flower Painting in Ning Yeh's unduplicatable style. 108 Flowers Book 1 is 8.25" x 11.75" inches is approximately 142 pages with instructions completely in English.

Subjects in Book 1 includes African Violet (the lesson Jashin used to introduce her husband to her family's tradition of Chinese Brush painting), Amaryllis, Anemone Poppy, Apple Blossom, Azalea, Bamboo, Banana, Begonia, Bell Flower, Bird of Paradise, Blackberry Lily, Bleeding Heart Peony, Blue Bonnet, Bougainvillea, Calla Lily, Camellia, Canna, Carnation, Cattleya Orchid, Cherry Blossom, Chili Pepper, Chinese Magnolia, Christmas Cactus, Chrysanthemum, Clivia, Cockscomb and Coral.

BKNY01: 108 Flowers Book 1 by Ning Yeh $24 reg. $29.95

Watch the video book review below!

New Video Book Review for 108 Flowers Book 1 by Ning Yeh


Vintage Double Shuen: Ning Yeh's Favorite Paper for Chinese Flower Painting

Our customers who have been with us a while will know this paper as Double Shuen SP. This is an aged batch of Double Shuen SP that we have in packages of 24 cut sheets (13.25"x18")

People who know rice paper will tell you, the older the better. The chemical processes that are used to make Shuen paper mellow over time and the paper becomes better at handling moisture, and shows wonderful color with smooth transitions.

Our latest attempt to replace this paper with a new batch have been unsuccessful. The quality is no longer available at this price point. If this size works for you and you enjoy Flower Painting, this would be an excellent paper to stock up on!

P25BL: Vintage Double Shuen  $24

What's Better Than Happiness? How About Double Happiness!

Our large double happiness brush is one of the favorite brushes for people who do larger Chinese calligraphy work.

However, as we've seem in the last two of Ling Chi's Holiday subject videos on the Christmas Tree, and the Holiday Candle/Holly, she loves this brush for flower painting as well! She uses the long body of the brush for fuller petal strokes but then uses to tip for thinner details.

Great Brush for right now or for your Holiday Wishlist!

HSP04: Double Happiness Large Brush  $29.95

See the Double Happiness Brush in action as Ling Chi uses it to paint elements of this Holiday Candle painting.

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We are making Ning Yeh's Workshop Series Lesson on Canna temporarily available as a free gift with purchase. This original workshop series lesson reveals essential secrets of Chinese Flower painting with this beautiful Canna composition.

BKNY01: 108 Flowers Book 1 by Ning Yeh  $24  reg. $29.95
P25BL: Vintage Double Shuen  $24
 Double Happiness Large Brush  $29.95
 Workshop Series Instructional Booklets by Ning Yeh: Canna  Free Gift with Purchase

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