New Limited Edition Brush and Free Video

New Limited Edition Brush

We've got a free video demonstration of our new Twig and Big Twig brushes by Ling Chi painting a simple tree composition.

The Advantage of Short Bristle, Full Bodied Brushes

At OAS we first discovered these kind of brushes with our BIFF brushes. These were sort of revolutionary brushes providing a foolproof way for artist to get consistent looking bamboo trunks. The secret to these brushes is the shorter, full body. When you apply pressure with the brush the brush provides greater support than a longer bristled brush. You trade a bit of the versatility that you get in a longer bristled brush for more control. The BIFF brush is the most extreme of these brushes with an incredible short and full body.

The Twig and Big Twig brush are more hybrids between a regular brush and the BIFF brush. In this way, you get the best of both worlds. The brushes have clever and versatile tips but also provide that extra support and stability got more consistent line and bones strokes. These fundamental strokes are used to make tree branches, twigs, and flower stems. The strokes are also used extensively in Chinese Calligraphy.

The third brush that can be in this grouping is the Full Lotus Brush. If you like the Large Flow or Super Flow brush but want a brush that is easier to control, then try the Full Lotus Brush.

C4C: BIFF Brush Small  $17  add to cart

C4E: BIFF Brush Large  $19  add to cart

CSP04: Full Lotus Brush  $39  add to cart

Introducing: The Big Twig Brush

When we introduced the Twig Brush, it was incredibly popular and sold out quickly. We had out brush maker make more of the Twig brush and they are now back in stock.

In other exciting news, we have limited quantities of a larger Twig brush that we are calling the Big Twig Brush!

Painters and Calligraphers of any experience level will enjoy the versatile tips of these brushes combined with their specialized skill which allows you to paint bone strokes and line strokes very consistently.

HSP10: Twig Brush  $15  add to cart

HSP10B: Big Twig Brush  $22  add to cart

Video Book Review of an interesting book and one of the best value ways to get a soft cover book featuring the work of Ling-nan Master Chao Shao-an.

A Study of Chinese Paintings By Chao Shao-an

157 pages, 8 1/4" x 11 7/8", Text in Chinese

The way to think of this book for those who don't read Chinese is that it is the most inexpensive way to get a book featuring a large collection of paintings by revered Master Chao Shao-an.

The other two books featuring Master Chao's work are beautiful, hard cover, coffee table style books. These are excellent to have as a collectors item or a conversation piece or even something for inspiration but it is much more comfortable for those looking to study Master Chao's work to have a less expensive, soft cover book that can travel easier, and be something an aspiring painter can feel more free to make notes in and have open while painting.

BK09: A Study of Chinese Paintings by Chao Shao-an  $35  add to cart


Earn Ox Lesson as a Free Gift with Any $50 Purchase

Chinese New Year is February 12th and 2021 is the Year of the Ox.

What better way to celebrate than using this Ox lesson by Ling Chi to express the spirit of this noble animal!

Buy both Twig Brushes and A Study of Chinese Paintings by Chao Shao-an and get the Ox Lesson as a free gift with purchase.

HSP10: Twig Brush  $15

HSP10B: Big Twig Brush  $22

BK09: A Study of Chinese Paintings by Chao Shao-an  $35

GLS056: Ox Lesson by Ling Chi Yeh  Free with purchase of $50+

Get Twig, Big Twig Brushes and Book + Free Ox Lesson

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