Landscape on Pre-Mounted Xuan Paper

This gorgeous landscape painting was done on OAS Pre-mounted Xuan Paper. Not many beginning students of Chinese brush painting realize that most framed / finish traditional Chinese paintings undergo a traditional wet-mounting process which flattens and reenforces the original painting, brings the colors back to their original vibrancy and prepares the painting for sale or framing.

Even though the wet mounting process is not difficult to learn, it does serve as an obstacle for many newer brush painters to show and present their work.

Our OAS pre-mounted paper is already backed on a thicker piece of card stock and offers the look of a traditionally finished painting without having to actually perform wet mounting.

Just paint your painting and when it is dry to is immediately ready for showing, framing, gifting, selling or whatever it is that you want to do with you finished pieces!

This category of pre-mounted papers has to be the most exciting category of papers that we have introduced in the last 20 years! They are truly "game changers!"

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Donna Nicely

Donna Nicely

That is a very beautiful spontaneous painting. Who is the artist? It is not stamped.

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