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Free Calligraphy Demonstration Video by Ling Chi on Two Phrases Related to Landscapes

We have a wonderful video featuring a demonstration by Ling Chi on two phrases focusing on the relationship that Chinese people have with mountains and water. The Chinese word for landscape is 山水 (shan sui) which literally means mountains and water.

We also have a bonus tip on how to use the study of calligraphy to improve your painting and how to make that study more fun and free.

Check out the video below:

Free Calligraphy demonstration by Ling Chi Yeh on the a couple phrases that focus on the meaning of mountains and water and therefore landscapes in Chinese culture

Calligraphy Lesson Booklets by Ling Chi

Ling Chi and Ja-Shin have created a collection of easy and satisfying lessons on calligraphy, These lessons will help make the study of Chinese Calligraphy more approachable and artistic and unlock the power it has to improve your painting.

You can see the collection of calligraphy lesson here.

Don't Miss a Free Basic Landscape Video Lesson By Ning Yeh

Be on the lookout in your inbox for a free basic landscape video lesson by Ning Yeh. This is a detailed 16 minute long lesson covering the basics of Chinese Landscape painting technique is a beautiful, simple composition.

We will be sending it out tomorrow along with a video book review on Ning's book Landscape Lessons: Book 1.

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