Kuogsun Taniang from Beautiful Women by Hwa San-chiuen

Kuogsun Taniang from Beautiful Women by Hwa San-chiuen

"Kuogsun Taniang, a well-known artist during the reign of Emperor Kaiyuan, Tang dynasty. She had an addiction of dressing in martial attire. When performing a sword-dance, she presented a graceful carriage and various postures."

This book is similar to another book we featured recently, "Richly Adorned and Quietly Dressed," in that both are written by Hwa San-chiuen.

Beautiful Women differs from Richly Adorned and Quietly Dressed in that it is a less formal, soft cover album instead of hard cover, which makes it more practical for working inspiration. You could set this book on your desk or inside of a drawer to easily access countless inspiring paintings. This book is a great alternative for those who are on a budget, but still want Hwa San-chiuen's paintings.

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