How to Paint Aquatic Life

Originally Published: July 9, 2021

Essential Guide for Aquatic Life Painting

Summer is the time for being beside a cooling body of water. Be it a local pond, a river up in the mountains or a beach by the Ocean, sitting beside the water on a warm breezy summer day is excellent relaxation and inspiration. Once you are there you often notice that the water is teaming with life: fish, shrimp, crabs, turtles and more! We highly recommend all of Su-sing Chow's books - they are packed with English (and Chinese) Instructions, and both finished compositions as well as sequential stroke breakdowns.

Aquatic Life (V4) is a perfect guide for those learning how to participate in the rich tradition of Aquatic Life painting in Chinese culture. From a simple small fish, to the ultimate symbol of longevity (carp), to crabs, shrimp and more, Johnson Su-sing Chow provides wonderful visuals paired with thoughtful words that frame each subject in the context of the one of the world's oldest cultures.

Inspiration When You Feel Stuck

Do you ever feel like you're stuck in a rut and out of inspiration? We all get that from time to time. A very simple trick for resetting the mind is by going outside. Allow the fresh air to cleanse your mind as you let go of your expectations.

An even better solution? Try painting outdoors! With our new Paint Outdoors Set, it makes it easy for you to pack up your supplies with you and travel to the beach, take a hike, or sit in your backyard to paint! It comes with Paper, Felt, a Brush, and our Ideal Companion Set - stick it in your tote and take off!

Paint Outdoors Set - $36

Camellia on Brown Shuen by Ning Yeh from his Album of Chinese Brush Painting: Eighty Paintings and Ideas

The Rarity of Colored Shuen

Our supply of colored shuen is the last of its kind. Suppliers no longer make colored shuen like they used to. Now they simply apply a color screen to the paper, which changes the feel and performance of the paper. 

Our collection of colored shuen is from years ago when the process was more refined and produced wonderful results. Now, the same quality of colored paper is difficult to find and the prices are astronomical.

Take advantage of our colored shuens and try one (or more) this summer! The earthy tones of our brown shuen add a lovely dimension to your summer paintings!

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