How to Make Your Own Hong Bao (Red Envelope)

Hong Bao - A Symbol of Prosperity

Originating in ancient China, the red envelope tradition represents more than a financial gift. The vibrant red color signifies good fortune, and the act of giving Hong Bao is a gesture of warmth, respect, and familial bonds. As families come together to welcome the Lunar New Year, the exchange of these envelopes becomes a tangible expression of well-wishing for the year ahead.

Instead of worrying about having to return presents that don't fit or aren't what the recipient wanted, the Hong Bao resolves this issue by letting them spend the money on whatever they want.

To add a personal touch to your Chinese New Year celebrations, consider making your own Hong Bao!

Download our Red Envelope Template to create your own Hong Bao this Lunar New Year!


  1. Red Banner Paper (or some type of Red Paper)
  2. Chinese Red Envelope Template
  3. Glue or double-sided tape
  4. Scissors
  5. Money or a heartfelt note

Optional Steps: Using a brush and ink (or brush pen), write your own Chinese character(s) on the front of the envelope.

As the Chinese New Year approaches, the exchange of Hong Bao remains a cherished tradition, bridging generations and fostering a sense of unity. Whether shared in person or virtually, these red envelopes continue to carry the spirit of prosperity and the hope for a joyful and auspicious year ahead.

For more inspiration, watch this video:


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