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Paint Koi Fish with Ling Chi

Great subject for beginners. This ink only demonstration uses different shades of ink and large strokes to depict the top view of a swimming koi fish. Koi or carp are a symbol of longevity and prosperity in Chinese and other Asian cultures. There is a rich history of koi breeding and cultivation throughout Asia but especially in Japan where the most expensive Koi fish ever sold, sold for $1.8 million dollars. Hopefully that fish came with 24-7 bodyguards to prevent it being eaten by raccoons!

Of note, Ling Chi is painting our OAS Double Xuan A paper. This is actually a think single ply raw Xuan paper that paints much more like a double than a single Xuan. It is a good paper for those who want a little more moisture control without sacrifice the smoothness and color vibrancy of a single Xuan. It is also priced lower than a Double Thickness paper.


Phoenix Brush (Ling Chi used the Unicorn Brush, which is now sold out. Try the Phoenix Brush instead.)

Full Lotus Brush

Mountain Horse Brush

Double Xuan (Shuen) "A"

Best Bottle Ink

Full Length Video Koi Lesson in Color by Ning Yeh Available on DVD or Streaming at

If you want more Koi video instruction, we have a full length (54 minute) instructional video by Ning Yeh on Koi available via our on-demand streaming video service on

You can also preview the title on and purchase the DVD on our website.

Chinese Animal Painting: Koi DVD: 60 minutes

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