Free Harmony Calligraphy Demonstration

Ling Chi Yeh offers a Chinese Calligraphy demonstration for the word "Harmony" inspired by our Harmony Lesson.

Chinese Calligraphy as A Form of Meditation

There is a form of contemplative meditation were you set your focus on a single idea and hold it there until inspiration arrives. In fact certain meditation practitioners will write a word slowly, repeatedly as a form of this type of meditation.

Chinese Calligraphy is wonderful for this. Because the words are based on ancient paintings, there is both a visual and literal meaning to the words.

Many people are intimidated to study calligraphy because they do not know the Chinese language. If you think about the Chinese language as simple paintings (which it is), then it becomes much less intimidating. Would you be intimidated by drawing stick figures? Think of Chinese Calligraphy in this way, and discover a wonderful practice that can improve your painting, and your mental and physical well being.

Intro Calligraphy Set - $16.99

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