Free Colored Bamboo Demonstration by Ning Yeh

Colored Bamboo Demo by Ning Yeh

This wonderfully energetic bamboo demonstration is found on Ning Yeh's Chinese Flower Painting 1: An Introduction Video. This video is the most modern video where Ning walks you through the materials (brushes, paper, colors, accessories) and critical techniques for Chinese Flower Painting.

It is chock full of absolute gems and all of it is delivered with Ning's signature charm and enthusiasm. Included is this "just a demonstration" clip of a thick trunk bamboo in color. After watching the video you will see why that statement is in quotes. Ning does show you every stroke in the painting and can't help himself but explain how the brush is loaded and strokes are done.

For the full length video which included this demonstration check out Chinese Flower Painting 1: An Introduction

For the full length lesson on this thick trunk, colored bamboo, check out Chinese Flower Painting 2: Bamboo

Both Chinese Flower Painting 1: An Introduction and Chinese Flower Painting 2: Bamboo are available for purchases as a digital downloads or as part of a subscription for our on-demand streaming video service.


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