Free Calligraphy Demonstration Kaizen and Poinsettia Videos

An overview of what makes OAS unique and a calligraphy demonstration for the work Kaizen which translates as "constant, never-ending improvement."

What Makes OAS Unique and Calligraphy for the Japanese Idea of Kaizen

In Japan they have this idea they call Kaizen which means "constant, never-ending improvement." This idea was instrumental in Japan's transformation from a defeated post world country into an economic superpower. It was introduced and nurtured by an American businessman and management consultant W. Edwards Deming. Japanese businessmen embraced Deming's ideas and created, among others, the famous Japanese companies that we know today as Toyota and Sony.

In this video we talk about the history of OAS and how OAS developed it's unique point of view and commitment to quality and service. We then finish with a Calligraphy demonstration for the word Kaizen by Ling Chi.

Poinsettia Demonstration and Lesson by Ling Chi Yeh

The Third Video Inspired by Our Season's Greetings Lesson Booklet: Poinsettia

Ling Chi offers this demonstration of this iconic Holiday flower.

This is the third video inspired by our Season's Greetings Lesson Booklet.

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