Essential Tools for Bamboo Painting


Bamboo Painting by Su-sing Chow featured in his book the Fundamentals of Chinese Floral Painting Vol. 3 Book of the Bamboo.

Essential Tools for Bamboo Painting: Intro Set

If you are new to Chinese Painting, bamboo is an excellent subject to start with! A great way to get started is our Intro to Brush Painting Set which has everything that you need including an excellent instructional DVD to get started with two of the most iconic subjects orchid and bamboo!

SETDV601B: Intro to Brush Painting Set - $24.99 (reg. $66.50)  ADD TO CART

Essential Tools for Bamboo Painting: Brushes

If you are looking beyond the very basics and especially to expand your arsenal to make bamboo painting easier and more satisfy, we've got three essential Artist Quality Brushes that will make a big impact in your bamboo painting.

BIFF is a Slam Dunk for Trunks
This brush has a reputation known far and wide. It provides a foolproof way to consistently paint one of the trickiest strokes in bamboo painting: the trunk! See the BIFF in action in the video below.

C4C: BIFF Brush  $19  ADD TO CART

Orchid Bamboo Medium Makes Leaves a Breeze
One of the most versatile brushes to own, the Orchid Bamboo Medium is in the top two of the list of brushes to have if you are stuck on a desert island! Load the brush generously with ink, get your arm moving in a choo choo train motion and contact the paper with your brush as if almost by accident to paint beautiful bamboo leaves. See Orchid Bamboo Medium in action below!

H2C: Orchid Bamboo Medium  $26  ADD TO CART

Newcomer Twig Brush Handles Branches with Ease
One of the trickiest strokes to master are the narrow bone strokes that are used to paint twigs and branches. Longer versatile brushes like the Happy Dot work well but for those who are looking for an even easier tool, the short, full bodied Twig Brush brings BIFF-like consistency to a smaller twig or branch stroke!

HSP10: Twig Brush  $15  ADD TO CART


Bamboo painting by Ning Yeh on Premium Jade Plate Double Shuen

Essential Tools for Bamboo Painting: Paper

Our Practice Roll is an excellent place to start for anyone just getting started with Bamboo or Chinese Painting.

Premium Jade Plate Double Shuen
For the ultimate in moisture control and beautiful color display our Premium Jade Plate Double Shuen makes our top list for Best Artist Quality paper for your bamboo masterpieces.

P27: Premium Jade Plate Double Shuen: 10 Full Sheets (27"x54")  $45  

Vintage Double Shuen AO
An excellent value especially for a thicker raw paper that can give you some of the moisture control qualities of the Jade Plate with a value price tag. Vintage Double Shuen AO is more than 20 years old and has become the new "go to" paper for brush painters looking for a versatile, high quality paper at a value price. Like all Vintage papers when it is gone, there is no replacing it, so try it now and if you like it, make sure to stock up!

P24A: Vintage Double Shuen AO: 12 Cut sheets (18" x 27")  $11  ADD TO CART

Fundamentals of Floral Painting Vol. 3: Book of the Bamboo by Su-sing Chow

A wonderfully simple but satisfying instructional book by master artist, teacher and cultural ambassador Su-sung Chow. With work in ink, color, fine line and spontaneous style, Master Chow mixes element instruction on trunks, leaves, shoots, and branches with wonderful finished masterpieces.

M003: Fundamentals of Floral Painting Vol. 3: Book of the Bamboo by Su-sing Chow - $15  ADD TO CART

Gift Lesson Bamboo Trunk Techniques with OAS Brushes

This unique lesson goes into more detail on brush specific techniques for rendering these key elements of Chinese Brush Painting's most iconic subject.

Whether it be the BIFF Brushes or Wash Brushes, the lesson walks you through the loading, blending and stroke techniques to paint consistently strong, flexible and beautiful bamboo trunks.

GLS028: Bamboo Trunk Techniques with OAS Brushes  $6.95 or FREE with a purchase of $50 or more

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