Dancing Grass Brush, Goldfish and Carp Book Review, Free As A Bird Lesson

Free Demo Video Featuring the Dancing Grass Brush and the Free as a Bird Lesson


Dancing Grass Brush

  • A useful and addictive line brush
  • Slim body makes moisture control easy
  • Supple tip is both easy to control and consistently comes to a point
  • Versatile, can do textures like mountain horse but has a much softer feel

CSP01:Dancing Grass Brush$15 more


Drawing Goldfish & Golden Carp by Lin Hu-kuei

  • Great subject to express the feeling of summer
  • Featured artwork is beautiful and reflects a true love of the subject
  • More detailed instruction than most books not written by Ning Yeh
  • Also provides sequential instruction for background elements in final compositions
  • Video Book Review available for page by page look

BK20: Drawing Goldfish and Golden Carp by Lin Hu-kuei $30  more

 Video Book Review for Drawing Goldfish & Golden Carp by Lin Hu-kuei




Chinese Yellow and Vermilion Chips

  • Two essential colors for goldfish and almost any other subject
  • Even those who prefer using Western Watercolors for Chinese painting still rely on Chinese Yellow and Vermilion
  • Vibrant, rich color that also shows translucency blends well
  • Ideal colors for rice paper
  • Always useful for regular painters, great for filling out orders to qualify for gift lessons

CC05: Chinese Vermilion Chips $7.50  more
CC01: Chinese Yellow $7.50  more



Free as a Bird Gift Lesson Booklet

  • Short, easy to follow lesson that walks you through painting the character for bird and evolving that stroke work into a simple crane painting
  • The rich history of Chinese painting distilled into a single enjoyable lesson
  • Perfect lesson for Dancing Grass Brush
  • Simple ink compositions are always great for practice, warming up, and reconnecting to the original purity of Chinese painting
  • No Chinese language skill required

GLS014: Free as a Bird Lesson Booklet $6.95 or free with $50+ order more


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  • CSP01: Dancing Grass Brush $15
  • BK20: Drawing Goldfish and Golden Carp by Lin Hu-kuei $30
  • CC05: Chinese Vermilion Chips $7.50 
  • CC01: Chinese Yellow $7.50

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