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In Chinese culture, the symbol "Xi Xi" (喜喜) represents "Double Happiness" and is commonly associated with weddings and joyous occasions. In this step-by-step guide, we'll walk you through the process of making your own Xi Xi paper cutout.

Materials Needed:

  1. Red Banner Paper or Red Xuan
  2. Pencil
  3. Scissors (or craft knife and cutting mat)
  4. Double-sided tape
  5. (Optional) Gold or metallic marker for decoration


Step 1: Prepare Your Workspace
Ensure you have a clean and well-lit workspace. Lay down a cutting mat to protect your surface (if you are using a craft knife instead of scissors) and have all your materials ready.

Step 2: Print Out Xi Xi Template
Print out the template for the Xi Xi character. You can find a free printable template here

Step 3: Fold Your Paper
Fold your paper in half (on line 1). Then fold it again (on line 2). You should end up with the red and gray portion visible.


Step 4: Cut out the Gray
Using a pair of scissors (or a craft knife with a cutting mat), cut out the gray portion of the paper. Take your time to ensure smooth and accurate cuts. You should end up with a piece of paper that looks like this:

You can use this as a basic white paper cutout, but traditionally paper cutouts will be red. (If you don't have red paper, opt for coloring your white paper with a red marker with something color-safe beneath your paper.)

Step 5: Cut Out Tracing Guide and Trace Onto Red Xuan
Alternatively, cut off the right quarter of the paper and use this as a guide to place on top of your Red Xuan paper (make sure that your Red Xuan has been folded in half twice, with the folded edge facing left).

Step 6: With a soft pencil, trace the outline on your Red Xuan. Take your time to do this step. The reason you use a soft pencil is to keep the pencil from tearing your delicate paper. You can "shade in" the Red Xuan that you will cut out to ensure accuracy.

Step 7: Cut Your Red Xuan.
Using either scissors or a craft knife, cut out the indicated sections of your Red Xuan paper. 

Step 8: Unfold Your Paper Cutout
Congratulations! You have completed your Chinese Paper Cutout! Using double-sided tape, gently adhere your paper cutout to a window. If you used a Red Xuan paper, remember that it a delicate paper that may rip if not treated carefully!

With just a few simple materials and a bit of patience, you can create a beautiful and meaningful decoration that adds a touch of Double Happiness to any occasion. Enjoy your crafting!

- the OAS Family


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