15 Strokes in 15 Days OAS Painting Challenge

This challenge will begin on May 17th, 2023 and go through May 31st, 2023. Some of you who joined this last year will remember that there are two ways of participating.

  • Option 1(good for newer painters): Day 1 you focus on painting single stroke paintings (complete paintings where there is only one stroke). Day 2 you focus on painting two stroke paintings etc. See the video below for a better idea on this method.
  • Option 2: Day 1 you will do a 15 stroke painting. On Day 2 you will paint the same painting this time with only 14 strokes etc. until on Day 15 you will attempt your original 15 stroke painting using just one stroke. See the video below for an example!

Anyone can participate regardless of experience level and participation is free. To participate simply:

  1. Join our OASLife Facebook Group
  2. Start painting on Wednesday, May 17th and paint every day for fifteen days, through May 31st.
  3. Post a picture of what you are working daily to our OASlife Facebook Group.

If you don't have a Facebook account but would still like to participate, email us your paintings and we will do our best to reply and provide encouragement for you!

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Painting challenge

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