Vintage Double Shuen A



12: 18" x 27" Sheets

Uses: calligraphy, zen single strokes, floral and animal works.

Handmade slightly thicker single-ply shuen paper that is pulled with an amount of paper pulp just slightly thinner than a double shuen (xuan). It's smooth to work with and provides an easier time with moisture sensitivity than our other single shuen. Shows color well and doesn't inhibit the artist's brush movement.

Originally acquired by OAS in the last millennium, this paper is over 20 years old and has matured beautifully. It has a natural color than a typical newer raw shuen paper.

If you're a fan of OAS's Imperfect Shuen, this is the same paper without the foxing/feathering spots that are noticeable on the Imperfect Shuen.

Please note paper batches vary with this inventory ... some are thinner than others. However, they paint similarly. Limited quantities are available.

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