Signature Card


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Purpose/Use: artwork of your Chinese name with brush and ink, a translation, stroke-for-stroke order on how to write your name 
Overall Dimensions: 13-7/8 x 9", artwork 6-1/2" x 4-1/2"
Additional Information: Pricing is for three characters, $3.00 for each additional character (OAS will contact you via email if your name you submit exceeds three characters).

Using the signature, calligraphy, and seal as integral parts of composition in painting is uniquely Chinese. To authenticate and to show approval of his work, the artist uses a personal seal in red along with his signature ink.

OAS translates your name syllabically and by sound. We then design a signature that represents that translation. Includes a short lesson on stroke sequence and the meaning of each character.The signature calligraphy is done on a 5 x 7 rice paper and framed inside a paper folio.

Please note, this unique item is made to order. Since we do this by sound and there are thousands of characters based on sound in the Chinese language, it come out differently each time ... so if this is already done for you and you wish to make a seal from it, please give us those characters, otherwise we could essentially do it differently based on a different set of sounds.

Names or phrases over three characters in length will incur an additional charge of $3 per additional character. Please contact OAS if you have any questions about your signature card.

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