Moon Palace Roll


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Paper Material: Machine-Made Rice Paper
Usage: Calligraphy, the four gentleman, flower painting, and sumi-e. Not recommended for high-moisture landscapes or wet-on-wet techniques.
Treatment/Process: Raw / Unsized
Dimension: Continuous 50-foot roll, 18" tall 
Absorbency: Raw paper, highly absorbent, great for calligraphy
More information: This paper shows colors vibrantly and is highly absorbent.
No. of Sheets: No sheets as it is a continuous roll of paper
Packaging: Wrapped in paper which is inside of a plastic covering

A machine made rice paper, Moon Palace Paper is thinner than OAS's Practice Roll and tends to bleed a little easier but shows colors vibrantly.

For those looking for something that is a bit more moisture sensitive like a single xuan but in practice form, try OAS's Moon Palace.

Chinese Rice Paper, Machine-Made Raw (Uncooked) Paper used for Chinese Brush Painting, Sumi-e, or Calligraphy.

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