Liberty Glue


A water soluble glue that mixes with water to aid beginners with moisture sensitive papers.
Purpose/Use: Mix with water, a water-soluble glue that aids beginners with moisture sensitive difficulties with paper.
clear water-soluble glue
Treatment/Process: reacts as if there’s sizing
Overall Dimensions:
volume: 50 mL, dimensions: 4- ½” x 1- 1/8”

4- 1/2" x 1- 1/8", 50 mL

"Glue It" is no longer being manufactured. OAS has found an alternative- "Liberty" Glue.

A simple trick! The formula for Ning's 'glue water' secret. Make a solution made up of water and glue to help ease the beginner through one of the most challenging parts of Chinese Brush Painting & Sumi-e -- moisture control!

This simple technique was later discovered in order to help our DVD at home learners get a handle on their moisture while using a sensitve medium like shuen paper

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