Flower and Bird


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Usage: Full Lines, Shapes, Flower Petals, Leaves, Branches, Animals
Hair Type: Combination (Dyed Bristles)
Tip Dimensions: 3/8" x 1-1/12"
Description: For full lines, round shapes and dots.

This brush is a good recommendation for teacher and artists trying to stay within a budget for medium scale subjects. Makes full lines and rounded shapes; flower petals, leaves, branches, animals, etc.

Many of you who own Ning Yeh's essential book "Chinese Brush Painting: An Instructional Guide" may recognize the Flower Bird Brush. Before OAS was able to source our iconic Flow Brushes consistently, the Flower Bird brush was the primary medium sized combination brush.

With the dominant popularity of the Flow brushes and the introduction of our Pre-Flow brush, the Flower Bird brush is now a bit of a "best kept secret."

Some special features that Evan observed about the Flower and Bird Brush:

  • Unique Size: It is larger than a Flow Brush and longer and slightly narrowed than a pre Flow Brush. This unique size makes it versatile and easier to control than other similarly sized combination brushes
  • Underrated as a Line Brush: Combination brushes are most commonly used to paint fuller shape strokes which the Flower Bird brush does nicely. But I was surprised at how well it painted tapering line strokes like the ones used for orchid and bamboo leaves. The brush has a good tip!
  • Great as a Travel Brush: Often times when we are painting on the go, it helps to have a single brush. I think the Flower Bird fits the bill. Inexpensive, versatile and excellent quality for the price.

"Because of all this, I think the brush has earned a place in my personal collection due to its unique size, overall quality and versatility. Also for me who has been around these brushes since I was a small child, there is a sense of nostalgia, as I remember sitting in my Father's class as a boy and using a flower bird brush to paint camellia."

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