Bright Light Chinese Watercolors

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Usage: Chinese Brush Painting, Gong-bi, Watercolor
Size: 12mL
Packaging: Available as Single Tubes, 9 Tube Set, or 15 Tube Set

After a long search we have finally found a budget friendly alternative to East/West color palette created by Ning Yeh and popularized most recently by Mayee Futterman.

Bright Light Chinese Watercolor tubes deliver excellent color hue and intensity for the price and have proven to be color fast when finished with the traditional wet mounting process.

They are also available in individual tubes, so frequently used colors can be replenished with minimal waste.

In the coming months we will be published videos on how to use these colors as substitutes for the designated colors in Ning Yeh's instructional material.

108 Flowers Watercolor Set Includes the Following:

  • CS10-01: White
  • CS10-02: Yellow
  • CS10-06: Red
  • CS10-07: Rouge
  • CS10-08: Carmine
  • CS10-09: Burnt Sienna
  • CS10-14: Purple
  • CS10-16: Sky Blue
  • CS10-17: Indigo

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