Assorted Roll for Mayee's Winter B at HB Art Center


Assorted Roll Package for Mayee's HBSands Winter B Session with Mayee

Purpose/Use: Assorted papers that will be used in Mayee Futterman's Winter Sessions B workshop through HBSands' offering of "Chinese Brush Painting" at the Huntington Beach Art Center on Saturday mornings starting February 22nd.
No. of Sheets: 5 sheets

  • 2: Precut 1/3 size Premium Double 'Jade Plate' Shuen Sheets
  • 2: Imperfect Shuen Sheets, and
  • 1: Precut 1/3 size Pi Paper

Material: shuen (xuan) paper 
Detailed Dimensions (approximate): 27" x 18"
Overall Dimensions: 18" x 2- 1/2" roll

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