Red Banner Paper


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In China, the color red is fortuitous. It symbolizes energy, fortune, happiness and luck. Giving red envelopes, termed as "hongbao", stuffed with cash is a time honored tradition. It can be used to wish a person a prosperous New Year and for other celebrations. For our son, my relatives from the Orient traveled in for my cousin's wedding and handed him these envelopes with cash explaining to me that it's tradition to give one when you see a new baby for the first time. Presently they're made with a non-absorbent paper. Usually they're heavily decorated with gold, ornate or very busy designs of Chinese zodiac or Asian subjects. OAS has secured a limited quantity for the next Chinese New Year.

Whether you wish to write your own Chinese banners or paint and DIY red envelopes, maybe even do a simple Chinese papercut art piece, for a limited time OAS has the paper available in two different sizes and packaging.

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